Personal Development

My passion for personal development started on my fitness journey!  Chalean Johnson had a huge impact on me when it came to personal development. I learned that while I was on my fitness journey I was challenging limiting beliefs.  I had beliefs that were not serving me.  When people are working on making changes they face their belief systems.  This is very challenging and thats why personal or spiritual development is crucial.  Changing a core belief will rock you, and it will shake others around you.

I started working on personal development to start truly loving my body.  I had to challenge some beliefs that where making me miserable!!!  Im only 5'3...thats never doing to change. Im short and I'm curvy!!! I had to get to a place where I quit wishing I was like someone else.

Every day I remind myself of the love I have for me.  Because as you go through your day your going to meet people who have absolutely soul sucking beliefs...and they want you to join them.

Our fitness journey always translates into our professional life. As your trying to build your business your going to encounter lots of other peoples better be PDed up!!!! Because they will come for you...and we have to protect our missions...yes that means from our friends and family!!!!

I know it sounds cliche...the people that love us the most can have a incredibly difficult time watching us change...even if its just directions!!!!  If your struggling with thoughts of not being good enough or down playing who you are I challenge you to Challenge these beliefs!!!!

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