Thursday, December 7, 2017

Heart vs. Hustle

I love this subject and I must share my point of view on this HOT TOPIC.  It is always being questioned, can you have it all when it comes to your work?  I'm a hairstylist at heart so of course you know what my answer is going to be.  Of course you can.  You can have a incredible career doing the very thing you love and SUCCEED.

Here is the interesting thing about the topic, SUCCESS is completely relative.  What one would define as success another would find a absolute NIGHTMARE.  That is the measuring point of truth.  What you consider hard work might just be you hate what your doing. That's when you use the word HARD.  Other words come to mind like DRAINING, or EXHAUSTED.  In my humble opinion this means you are not being FILLED back up by your work.

There can be many causes of this unbalance, so don't be so quick to assume its your job, it might actually just be your clients, or your coworkers.  They just may not be in alignment with your vibe, I believe in this so much.  So before you have written off your career choice take these little thoughts into consideration.

Your co-workers can effect the love you have for your job, especially if they are unhappy.  You know inherently vibes are contagious.  This rule applies in all cases, all the time.  You don't have much control over this and it can for sure take a toll. This issue usually works itself out over time, hopefully.

Here is the main issue, the people your working for do not value your work.  This can be in service or a corporate environment.  I'm going to use service as a example because I'm a Stylist and Coach.  Having clients value what you have to offer is the single most important component to happiness at work.  If I have a client who doesn't value hair,  we instantly are not a match.  Obviously hair is very high on my list, ITS MY CAREER.  The client dreads the whole process and complains about the price the entire time.


The amazing thing is I realized in my career I didn't have to work with those people anymore, I could have clients who loved getting their hair done and know it was worth every penny.  We are in alignment with each other.  This creates happiness at work.  It is what I consider heart centered business because everyone wins.  You leave at the end of the day in balance with what is given and appreciation what is received, on both ends.


When your working with people who are in alignment with you this is all understood and it creates a wonderful career.  I have experienced this level of success in my business so I know this can be done.  If your in service you know immediately when someone VALUES your work and NEEDS what you have to offer.  We also can not talk people into this, your either aligned or your not.  Trust your gut. Your instincts have all your answers, in all areas of your life.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Maybe Your Bored AF

The single most valuable investment I have made in my life has been for my health and fitness journey.  In this post I'm going to share with you why the thousands of dollars I have spent has been worth every penny.  January is approaching and everyone is thinking about their yearly investment for their health and fitness.  Im going to break down some of the costs of my journey and share with you how I have invested in my journey and how it has paid off 10 fold.

Trust me when I say I have spent thousands, and it has grown me into the women I came here to be. You can't put a price on that.  I remember when I was struggling to stay invested in my health and fitness journey, I kept starting and quitting.  I knew I had to change my approach because nothing was sticking.  I had to quit being a cheap ass. 100. LOL.  Honestly being cheap is boring AF.

I had to up the stakes so I would stay in the game. I knew my personality and honestly I was bored.  So I decided to start playing bigger.  I wanted to invest more so I wouldn't back out so easy. So I wouldn't get bored.  Lets face it, when we have some coin down we get shit done.

I decided to look into actually teaching the class, instead of just attending them.  I looked into the costs and the trainings are expensive.  I was scared as hell, because if I went to the trainings I knew I would follow through. I knew if INVESTED I would do it.  I'm not going to sugar coat and say I wasn't freaked out, but these tactics changed my life.  Not only did they change my life, they gave me back my drive.  These challenges light my fire.  They fuel my personality.

Have you ever self reflected and just realized your bored AF.  I'm so passionate about lining up your personality.  Up your stakes.  Get your DRIVE back.  Do something scary.  INVEST IN YOURSELF. I went on to get certified in 3 different programs and I was about to work on my fourth right before we moved. They were expensive trainings that all included monthly fees.  Lets just say, it kept me in the game.


To keep me from being stagnant.  Like I mentioned before I get bored if I'm not challenged.  I think a lot of people are like this.  Honestly most people are bored out of their minds. Find something that scares you and invest and I promise your drive will return.

Coaching came into my life this last year as well and its been a investment as well.  It keeps me growing and once again it ups my stakes in myself.  It keeps my fire lit.  It has me doing more new things.  Meeting new people and keeping me out of my comfort zone.  All of this DRIVES me and keeps me pursuing a higher version of myself.  Trust me I'm not looking for perfection, I'm type B AF.  I love the chase and I love the game.  That's all it is.  It gives me a fire that 90 percent of the population is searching for.