Friday, April 28, 2017

Big Personality Hiding Behind Weight

Sharing a deeper look into some of my story today!
I was only very over weight for a 2 year period...I didn't always struggle to that degree!
Of course I had body image issues but I was at my peak weight for a year.
With this experience I was able to identify what the root of my weight issue was!!!!
I have a very BIG personality!!!! I'm loud, sassy and love a good time!!!! Some where along the lines I believed these where negative traits.
I loved all things FLASHY AND FABULOUS!!! Some where along those lines I CHOOSE to believe those where negative traits!!!
I'm naturally a very confident person...I naturally enjoy to express myself and share!!! ITS MY PERSONALITY!!!!!! #bornwithit
Regardless of my size!! #useditasaexuse
But I started to believe that hiding was easier!!! It made people feel came with less judgment!!!!
Thats Still a Excuse...

I kept getting into systems and situations that stifled my soul and my power!!!! Anyone that knows me knows I'm a Irish Sass!!!! It's who I am!!!!!! #loveyourself
My fitness journey brought me back to me!!! I can easily be me!!!! I DO NOT COVER WHO I AM!!!! My personality is a GIFT!!!!! 
I rock it everyday!!!!
I challenge you to take a look you hide some of your personality traits? 
If someone tries to stifle me...I run 😂
So should you....😉
Happy Tuesday Babes

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter from my Fabulous little Crew to Yours!!!
The Easter Bunny Came while we were at church!!!
We came up to the house and little eggs were everywhere!!
Tatum Bird this Easter Bunny is very special!!!
Left some Flowers for Mom!!!!
Our Easter Bunny is Also Known As....GRANDMA LYNN
Always taking the time for me and my crew!!!
Sending Sunday Blessings to All!!! Enjoy your crew today!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

•Double Life, Try Triple Life•

•Double Life, Try Triple Life•

#momlife #glamlife #fitlife

For years I thought I had to choose. I don't. My life, my design.

Juggling all three is difficult and I fail a million times a day! But I love all three!

My passions are my purposes!


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Finding me time is essential to my sanity

Sundays are for recharge!!

I always get a good workout in Sunday Mornings!  Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days at the salon so Sundays mornings are vital for my workouts! They clear my head and I can get my energy cleared for the week ahead!

I struggle on these days to find time to fit everything in.  Time to clean, feed the kids, and spend time with my husband!  My husbands days off are on Friday and Saturdays and he watches the kids while I work at the Salon.  He also coaches soccer on Saturdays so we have SUCH A FULL PLATE!!!

With all of this going on it is vital for me to have my workouts, they are a non-negotiable me time! They restore my spirit for the week! I hope you babes find some me time today!

Take care of her and she will take you anywhere you wanna go!

Lets Rock this upcoming week!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Follow My Journey

Welcome to the place where I share my heart and my passions!  I share my story of personal transformation on the Meet Brandi section of this blog.  This last year I have shared my journey on my personal Facebook page and it was time to make the transition.  I will be sharing a deeper look into my journey here on my blog and my Facebook Like page.  There is a link here in this blog! Check out my social media section and Click Like!


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Social Media Monsters

I have been having a social media break down the last couple weeks.  Before I decided to start Coaching I wasn't into the social media frenzy.  It was a business decision to get it together.  I needed to get with the times.  I can't tell you the intensity of the learning curve I have been on this year.  It has been exhausting.  But like I said, I needed to get with the times, or I was going to be left behind. Period.

I was on a Coach Call with my team mate Jessie and I started to cry, because I still have so much to learn.  Im so eager to just know it all today!!! LOL!!!  But I don't know it all!!! Just one step at a time.  Learning and growing, stretching myself.  Constantly stretching my comfort zone.

These past couple weeks I have questioned everything I have done.  I have had thoughts of just going in my living room and watching T.V. and not thinking about all of this. LOL!!! Im in so deep!!! Its to late to turn back.  The deal has been made.

I had to make changes with my social media.  It was time to leave my Friend Page.  Once again it was a business decision.  Once again out of my comfort zone!

Thank you for following my journey!