Sunday, March 19, 2017

Exploring Being Competetive

Im always exploring if being competetive is a positive or negative emotion.  Does it drive us or cripple us? I wrestle with this emotion and sometimes I try to fight it off.  On the other hand I find myself getting stuff done when Im in a competitive space.  I really try to stay very true to myself and my goals but I will admit that I have had urges to press on the gas!!!

Are you a person who works well under pressure or do you have a tendency to pull back when you feel the heat?  I do both!!! I struggle with being competitive...I always have.  I guess I have always figured it was a negative trait, but when I really thought about it the emotion has serious moving power!!!  It helps you get shit done.  Now that I'm older I don't take loses so personally...when I was younger the loses would effect my self esteem.

When you miss your goals, its just a reevaluation point. Its how we learn and grow.  It doesn't mean we quit and get comfy! Thats why being competitive is just a push for your best self as long as its paired with you staying in your own lane working on YOUR goals!!!!

Are you working on things that are on your heart?  Keep a eye on my Blog I will touch on this subject with more in depth questions!!!  

Surround yourself with the DREAMERS and the DOERS

Have you ever took a really good look at your circle?  Do you feel guilt just thinking about this question?  Lets dive into what this really means!!!  You hear the quote all the are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with!!!  How does that make you feel??

What if you have a very different vision or goal than these other people? It means your vision and your goals are in danger.  Others will project their beliefs all over your plans and your goals.  Its not just happening in your circle...this is human nature.  You will either default into your surroundings or you will rise,  depending on the average of the group.

You know if your defaulting or rising.  The question is what are you going to do about it!?  As we age it becomes more difficult to fight off limiting beliefs.  We have to dive into personal development to break our limits.

These limits could include body image, money limits, and relationship beliefs.  The list could go on and on!  When you start reading your sharing time with someone who is more successful than you and the book is opening your mind and showing you your limits.

Are you talking about dreams or limits...what kind of conversation are you bringing to the table?  What energy are you bringing to your five Friends???

Friday, March 17, 2017

Its been a Crazy Year

Welcome! I have to tell you it has been a absolutely crazy year! Last year at this time I had just given birth to my baby boy Tristan Bear!  I had been considering during my last trimester of pregnancy sharing my fitness journey as a Beachbody Coach.  The biggest thing that held me back was sharing my workouts and taking selfies!

I had always been annoyed in the past when people posted about their workouts! I was like REEEEAAALLLYYY !!!! So lets just say...I was apprehensive!!!!  But I knew I had something to share!!! I had went through a huge transformation 5 years earlier that had changed me from the inside out.  It was on my heart and it was time to share. I wasn't going to let some Hater mentality stop me!!!! LOL!!! Trust me I was a hater before!!! LOL!!!

I think of this whole process like hair school! We always have to start with our friends and family!!! If you make it through your friends and family, you can DO ANYTHING!!!!!!! Its like a test...lets just say I passed!!! LOL!!!! You always have to be willing to play minor leagues then move to the big leagues.  Its the universe saying...ok you love this!!

So Im moving over here to my blog to really share MY filtering!!! If you come on this page you will get my unfiltered truth!!!! Hopefully you can find some golden nuggets in all this #glam that will move you along your path!!!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Over Planning will Kill your MAGIC

Had the best weekend with my crew. We get spoiled when the weather is in the 70's.  Lots of fun and excited things I'm working on preparing for this spring!!! I'v always got something brewing.  I get that from my Mom!!!

When I was 28 I made a decision to always try my very best to go with the flow. If things change they are supposed to!  Learn to go with the flow a little more.  Change your filter...this is happening for you...not to you!!!    

If you get inspired JUMP!  There are no don't over plan or over push! Be open to opportunities and new situations!!!! 

Have the best week!!!!