Wednesday, January 2, 2019

My Journey with becoming a YOUNIQUE PRESENTER

I remember being in the salon 7 months preggo with baby number two and having a want for something more. I looked around my beautiful salon and realized everything I had was pretty great. I felt guilty for wanting more, not only that my time was at capacity. I didn't have time for any more. If I started a full blown commission salon I was going to be missing out on family life. That just wasn't a option. I sent up some prayers, and awaited the birth of my second baby boy Tristan.

After my sweet little Tristan came, I was introduced to the world of Network Marketing.  I couldn't believe how the network marketing strategy was the same systems salons use but we don't call it network marketing, we call it relationship marketing. In the salon we build relationships, build trust recommend products and show our clients how to use them. Then when we get really good, we have the option of opening our own business showing new stylists the ropes and we make a commission off them per our training efforts and the cycle continues.

This is Network Marketing! It is the same model, only no stylist I know is doing as well as a Leading Network Marketing Professional that leads a team, and I know several six figure stylists and business owners. This concept haunted me, it shattered my beliefs about the traditional business model that I was currently succeeding in, but remember I wanted more.

I wanted more TIME! I still wanted to have more kids, and I wanted to use my God given talents and still create a business...

Network Marketing checked those boxes, but the journey was going to require me to learn new skills and be willing to share on social media.  This was very new to me because as a stylist I was never on social media when your in the salon with your clients working/ socializing / teaching your client.

I started dipping my toes on social media and I will share with you my first year was incredibly uncomfortable and I made alot of mistakes.  I learned to much that first year but the one thing I learned was how much I loved live video.  I was hooked, like the kind of hooked where I could do this everyday.  Like a JOB.

I had a curve ball thrown with my husbands job, he had a promotion and it would call for us to move.  This would require me to leave my relationship business that I took 4 solid years to build. It was a huge risk, but we wanted a third baby and we decided to go for it. Shortly after the move I got preggo with my third baby Teddy! The move was much harder than I had anticipated but I kept making videos.

One day I was in bed with my husband scrolling facebook and I seen a woman getting ready for a date night.  She was showing everyone how she gets ready.  I showed my husband Troy, and said see what these girls are doing? Heres why I loved what they were doing, they are sharing tips and tricks not spamming people.  Most women get ready in some form everyday, we are always looking for "new" ways.  Its helpful! Its interesting! Its all about the trends! Its all the things I think about being a Stylist.  IS THIS HELPING MY CLIENT? Thats what video marketing is. Its helpful!

I looked into what she does and found out she was called a presenter for a company called YOUNIQUE.  Then one night I was laying in bed and seen a red headed woman pop into my feed, someone shared her video on my friends list.  I watched as she got ready and I was sure I could do what she was doing. Im going to be really honest with why I chose to work with her. I knew she was incredibly busy and I didn't want her messaging me and harassing me if I chose to work with her.

I kept thinking...I can align myself with products that accent who I am and never consider it a "JOB"

This needs to be said because there are some slimy icky things going on with internet marketing and I want anyone that I work with to know I don't believe in spam or forceful marketing.  I believe in sharing what you love, and if it comes in this form and you enjoy it I can help you get started. Minus the creepy icky tactics you see and hate.

Younique is very special because of their marketing tactic, which is video marketing.  The reason this works so effectively is people gain trust and friendly repore very quickly with video.  I have made live videos for 2 years, they are fun and easy way to show Younique's incredible products.  I never run out of things to talk or share about.

I am looking for other women similar to me honestly.  They enjoy getting ready! They have a tug on their heart to share some of their life on social media! They want to help and inspire others and receive income for their efforts. MUST love GLAM lol!!!

If your interested in this opportunity you will receive a start up make-up kit for $99.00 and maybe a new love of live video like me! You will show people how to get ready just like I do! With your own style and flair! You will receive personal mentoring and coaching from me!

If this is on your heart message me! Via facebook, or email with questions or a link to purchase your new start! I cant wait to work with you!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Moving my Business from the Salon to Social Media

When I was 30 I had this incredible epiphany about my job as a Stylist. The power that lies in a position to make someone feel beautiful. My God what a gift to give to people, and honestly the transformation can happen in one hour with a client.
In my early 20’s I didn’t value my gifts like I do now. I know we are all born with that “something” you usually have a pull as a young person to a certain something that has your interest no matter what the benefits are. That’s always came in this form for me.
I have always helped people get ready and it’s brought me such joy! Stylist are very special people because their job is to make you look your best! Our job is to invest time and energy into our clients, and if our clients self esteem has improved when she leaves we have won that day!
I had a crossroads in my career with my move back to Nebraska, but I realized I can share my gifts through video. I used to only impact 4 clients a day in my suite. When I make a video, in a day at this stage of my business I have helped 300 people.
This business has been a incredible outlet for me professionally and personally. I can share my gifts and have a impact! Thank you ladies for all your positivity on my posts and videos! I appreciate you all! I love sharing this part of my life!

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I remember two years ago when I started sharing my heart ❤️ on social media and all the over whelm. I had so much to share, but I didn’t really know how...but I was brave enough to “just start”
I remember watching a series of YouTube videos about having a online business and it planted seeds that I could not shake.
I have treated my social media like a blog really ever since! I seen one of my friends from where we used to live this fall and she was telling me she went to my profile to read my content and was like you weren’t posting!!! She was like, I knew something was wrong! 😂🙃
Nothing was wrong, but I was still in shock from our move. I just could not stay in a creative space right after the move, I needed some down time. And I was creating a human! Lol!
I have been making videos for 2 years and with all the trial and error, I came to discover I’m obsessed with live video! It works with my personality and my creative flow!
Products are dead without people. We need people to show us the “how” and the “why” and that’s what I love to do! I only align myself with things I’m passionate about! All things #glam ❤️
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Fun Facts about Me

I shared a little about where I’m at right now on my fitness journey with three littles 🍍🍍🍍 I am breastfeeding a 4 month old and potty training a 2 year old right now and things are crazy! I’m teaching Zumba, and bouncing! Needing to start HEAVY lifting...
My hair color technique is balayage, it’s super easy for me to maintain and keep my mane looking fabulous. When I order my extensions I order balayage extensions also.
My favorite lady to follow on Instagram is Jessie James Decker...she has the BEST hair and she is very real!!! She has three littles and breastfeeds and tries to do “all the things” as well!!!

Its a crime not to prime girlfriend

You know it’s a crime not to prime right?
Do you struggle with your makeup coming off mid-day? Or your eye shadows creasing?
👉🏻Get your primer on girl!!
Primer is a product to prep your skin for long-wearing makeup and oil reduction on your skin. There is a extra bonus it also helps seal in your skin care routine.
Then there is your setting spray. After you finish your makeup, just a few choice spritzes will keep everything in place. It’s hair spray for your face...if your like me you spend good money on your products! Get the most out of them by using your primers and setting sprays!
I have bundles for the glam girl in your life! If you need recommendations always feel free to ask me...
Your Beauty Expert,

Drug Store Lashes and a Botox Bust

I shared my favorite drug store lashes, and gave the 411 on pro lash glue vs. the duo glue I recommend.
I struggle putting my lashes on in the camera, so thanks for the grace on this! I’m trying different mirrors to solve this issue! My social media light blinds me sometimes 😍😂😂 #glamlife
Please know in my pics I use a social media light and film in front of a bright window! I prefer natural light to film in but sometimes I add the ring light.
I shared also about some disheartening comments on some of my videos, I know this comes with the territory of putting yourself out there, but there are SO many kind supportive women on social media and I am so grateful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I used my top choice bundle for my full look...I always love getting ready with you ladies!
I also shared about the eyebrow shaver, it was Amazons top beauty purchase!!! I bought it and on Friday I will be live to share this interesting little tool!!!
Thanks for always supporting my videos ladies

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Heart vs. Hustle

I love this subject and I must share my point of view on this HOT TOPIC.  It is always being questioned, can you have it all when it comes to your work?  I'm a hairstylist at heart so of course you know what my answer is going to be.  Of course you can.  You can have a incredible career doing the very thing you love and SUCCEED.

Here is the interesting thing about the topic, SUCCESS is completely relative.  What one would define as success another would find a absolute NIGHTMARE.  That is the measuring point of truth.  What you consider hard work might just be you hate what your doing. That's when you use the word HARD.  Other words come to mind like DRAINING, or EXHAUSTED.  In my humble opinion this means you are not being FILLED back up by your work.

There can be many causes of this unbalance, so don't be so quick to assume its your job, it might actually just be your clients, or your coworkers.  They just may not be in alignment with your vibe, I believe in this so much.  So before you have written off your career choice take these little thoughts into consideration.

Your co-workers can effect the love you have for your job, especially if they are unhappy.  You know inherently vibes are contagious.  This rule applies in all cases, all the time.  You don't have much control over this and it can for sure take a toll. This issue usually works itself out over time, hopefully.

Here is the main issue, the people your working for do not value your work.  This can be in service or a corporate environment.  I'm going to use service as a example because I'm a Stylist and Coach.  Having clients value what you have to offer is the single most important component to happiness at work.  If I have a client who doesn't value hair,  we instantly are not a match.  Obviously hair is very high on my list, ITS MY CAREER.  The client dreads the whole process and complains about the price the entire time.


The amazing thing is I realized in my career I didn't have to work with those people anymore, I could have clients who loved getting their hair done and know it was worth every penny.  We are in alignment with each other.  This creates happiness at work.  It is what I consider heart centered business because everyone wins.  You leave at the end of the day in balance with what is given and appreciation what is received, on both ends.


When your working with people who are in alignment with you this is all understood and it creates a wonderful career.  I have experienced this level of success in my business so I know this can be done.  If your in service you know immediately when someone VALUES your work and NEEDS what you have to offer.  We also can not talk people into this, your either aligned or your not.  Trust your gut. Your instincts have all your answers, in all areas of your life.