Monday, June 26, 2017

10 things only a Mother of Boys can Understand

1. The boys section of clothing is tiny and look over at the girls section annoyed and envying the cute selection.

2. Rough housing is a solid form of affection.

3. Fences, trees, and hiking trails are all considered adventurous places to use the restroom.

4. You must speak in scary tones to get your point across and they still ask if your joking.

5. You must go scrub every restroom in the house before guests arrive.

6. Aggression is a love language.

7. They are starving every hour on the hour. Legit starving.

8. Daycare calls...he was being to physical.

9. His Father is his hero.

10. Boys are obsessed with their Mothers. Moms are the apple of their eye. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This spring my husband Troy Sharp came to me and said that he may be up for a position that will bring us closer to Nebraska.
When me and Troy Sharp first Moved to St. Joe we would make weekend trips back to Omaha. He would measure how close we could get to Omaha and him still be able to work for KCP&L. 10 years later he got that job!!!!!!
Part of his career brought us to Platte City and of course my career blossomed here. We have had a incredible life chapter in Platte City.
I hit major career milestones and bloomed as a lady of business. I moved into my salon suite 2 years ago June 14th. It's been such a beautiful experience! I have been so blessed by my business! I have grown so much professionally!!!!
These last 2 years I have grown so much in my suite! My clients and I have cherished this little #glameroom! I closed the doors to my suite last weekend.
Hairstylist have super powers! The beautiful thing about our industry is your always in demand!!!
I knew with everything I have learned my success is not based on geography!!! Everything that is put on my path is for a greater purpose!!! 
Every time we have moved our lives have improved! We have always been willing to change and grow as a family!
Of course we encounter growing pains...starting over again comes with lots of stress! This journey is not for the faint hearted.😉
Me and my family are still in the beginning stages of transition and could use some Irish Blessings sent our way for our next chapter! 
Thank you again to my wonderful clients for making my suite experience so memorable!!!! This little room was a little slice of heaven!! 

Mom of Boys

I was at the pool today with my crew laughing with another mom about being a boy Mom!!!
She heard me getting after my 6 year old for jumping in a area he couldn't touch after I repeatedly told him the boundaries!!!🙃
When I left I said to get it...your a Mom to boys!!!😉
I speak very firm to my 6 year old because he is always testing my limits!!!! Always!!!! 🙃I can handle this crew!!! I always joke with my girlfriends...I was made to be a boy Mom because I can take all that comes with it!!!