Monday, June 26, 2017

10 things only a Mother of Boys can Understand

1. The boys section of clothing is tiny and look over at the girls section annoyed and envying the cute selection.

2. Rough housing is a solid form of affection.

3. Fences, trees, and hiking trails are all considered adventurous places to use the restroom.

4. You must speak in scary tones to get your point across and they still ask if your joking.

5. You must go scrub every restroom in the house before guests arrive.

6. Aggression is a love language.

7. They are starving every hour on the hour. Legit starving.

8. Daycare calls...he was being to physical.

9. His Father is his hero.

10. Boys are obsessed with their Mothers. Moms are the apple of their eye. 

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