Sunday, November 26, 2017

Making a HEART based DECISION

We all go through different seasons in our lives.  Some seasons call for changes, and some times we just coast on a wave.  I know when I have debated a change in my career or a relationship, I have had to really soul search.  I wanted to share a couple tricks I have learned along the way to help me decide if Im in my head or my heart.

I got the best advise right before I was getting ready to start my own business as a stylist, I was of course very nervous about my new venture and was looking for a higher perspective.  I was so nervous about investing in myself and my future and I was really looking for some words of wisdom to keep me from backing out and keep me moving forward.

Of course I went to the holy grail of information YouTube University and went through several videos on how you know for sure you should start your own business.  I came across a video that described a excersize to help decide if it was a INTUITIVE choice...

Take your new venture and think about the possibilities, how do you feel? 

Take your current situation that your considering shifting away from, how do you feel?

She went on to share that based on your feelings you can come up with a intuitive decision.  If you feel RESTRICTION that means its not the best choice for you.  If you feel EXPANSION it's whats on your heart.

It's a fine line not to confuse being anxious or scared to make a big choice with it not being your next big move.  Change is not for the faint hearted no matter how pumped you are for your new horizons.  I make the choice based on if I want to stay the same.  I gravitate towards no.  I want to learn and grow and expand my life and my skills.

When I started the salon, I went through so many emotions. There were days I was so excited and there were days that I was so scared.  Honestly it was all meant to be, every choice I made was from the heart.  It was to EXPAND my life and my horizons, and guess what?  It all worked out, and then some.

I know it can be scary to make a heart based decision, but it is life altering.  Its really is the highest form of putting yourself on the top of the list. When we run our businesses from that place, we can GIVE from the most beautiful space.

Next week I will be sharing my heart based decision on my transition over to the Coaching Industry.  I will be sharing some intimate details of how I made the choice, and what signs came up for me.  If you ever have questions about the Coaching Industry please don't hesitate to ask me, its a passion for me to share.  Have a intuitive week babes...

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