Monday, February 25, 2019

Welcome Email

Hey pretty lady!

Thank you for your trust in learning more about this opportunity from me. Im flattered but also excited for you.  This is a gift and one that keeps on giving, as you can tell from following my journey on Facebook. Iv built a business on Facebook.  My favorite thing about what I do is going live sharing my gifts and talents and my passion for the beauty industry.

You have gifts and talents as well.  You are YOUNIQUE. This can work for you also. You can learn everything you need to know.

This business gives me FREEDOM. Its what drew me to it. I was busy in the salon and I seen Network Marketing as a ticket to time freedom.  I knew it would require work of course, so I alined with products that accentuated my natural interests and gifts. I committed to teaching people how to use the products via live video. I committed to learning how to build a network marketing business on Facebook.

After I had my second baby and I was busy in the salon I was wanting to expand my business but I was very torn. We wanted to have more children. I was running out of time in every department of my life. I was introduced to the concepts of Network Marketing and the business model hooked me.  It answered my prayers. Its was my ticket to everything I wanted.

So when Younique came into my life it fit perfectly. It was the GLASS SLIPPER.

I knew it was going to take work. I knew I was going to have to learn new uncomfortable skills, but I wanted all that came with it.

Now 3 years later I am at home with my family taking care of them working my business from home.  Via Live video on Facebook.

My God given purpose in life is to HELP and inspire you to do the same.  If you feel called to this at all send me back a reply with your own story and how this business could help you. Let me know why you are feeling called to this. I want to talk to you personally.


Your virtual bestie,

Brandi Sharp

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