Monday, December 31, 2018

Moving my Business from the Salon to Social Media

When I was 30 I had this incredible epiphany about my job as a Stylist. The power that lies in a position to make someone feel beautiful. My God what a gift to give to people, and honestly the transformation can happen in one hour with a client.
In my early 20’s I didn’t value my gifts like I do now. I know we are all born with that “something” you usually have a pull as a young person to a certain something that has your interest no matter what the benefits are. That’s always came in this form for me.
I have always helped people get ready and it’s brought me such joy! Stylist are very special people because their job is to make you look your best! Our job is to invest time and energy into our clients, and if our clients self esteem has improved when she leaves we have won that day!
I had a crossroads in my career with my move back to Nebraska, but I realized I can share my gifts through video. I used to only impact 4 clients a day in my suite. When I make a video, in a day at this stage of my business I have helped 300 people.
This business has been a incredible outlet for me professionally and personally. I can share my gifts and have a impact! Thank you ladies for all your positivity on my posts and videos! I appreciate you all! I love sharing this part of my life!

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